ACC Volunteer Awards

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Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Alpine Club of Canada. Season to season, day in and day out for over a century, our volunteers run the sections, write articles, lead trips, protect the alpine environment and demonstrate their commitment to the club.

Our volunteers know the mountains. Every season, and in every part of Canada, volunteer trip leaders take enthusiastic groups and new members on climbing, hiking and skiing outings. Sometimes for an afternoon and sometimes for weeks at a time. Our volunteers are skilled, dedicated, giving and tireless. Without them there is simply no Alpine Club.

The ACC Volunteer Awards are intended to recognize those of our members who have made significant contributions in furthering the aims and goals of the Alpine Club of Canada and Canadian mountaineering in general. These Awards are one small way that we hope to show them our appreciation.

Note: In exceptional circumstances the Awards Committee may consider awarding a second award (i.e.: Distinguished Service Award, Silver Rope for Leadership Award, Eric Brooks Leader Award, Don Forest Service Award, President’s Award) to deserving individuals who have received that same award in the past. Please consult the Chair of the Awards Committee prior to submitting your nomination.

Awards for ACC members only
Awards for both ACC members and non-members

Nomination Deadline

The deadline for nominations for the current year is December 31. To nominate a member, follow the links to the nomination form on the individual award pages.

ACC Volunteer Award Recipients - 2020

These award recipients provide outstanding examples of the quality of volunteerism and club stewardship in the Alpine Club of Canada. The 2020 Volunteer Awards for contributions in 2019 (and previous years) were announced in 2020.

A.O. Wheeler Award

None this year

Honorary Membership

Helmut Microys , Toronto Section

President’s Award

None this year

Silver Rope for Leadership

None this year

Distinguished Service Award

Darrel Newman , Ottawa Section

Eric Brooks Leader Award
Brent Hepfner , Calgary Section
Marie Tison , Montréal Section
Steve Traversari , Montréal Section
Don Forest Service Award

Alex Perel , Toronto Section
David Moon , Edmonton Section
Jessica Ferguson , Edmonton Sections
Juergen Schmidt , Calgary Section
Geoff Bennett , Vancouver Island Section
Reid Madiuk , Vancouver Section
Paul Dormaar , Calgary Section

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee meets each winter to review all nominations received and submits its recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval in March.

The Awards Committee members are:
  • Isabelle Daigneault (Chair), Rocky Mountain Section
  • Paul Geddes, Vancouver and Toronto Sections
  • Dave McCormick, Saskatchewan Section
  • Jeffrey Dmytrowich, Saskatchewan Section
  • Amber McMinn, Vancouver Section
  • Paul Robitaille, Montreal Section
  • Ron Rusk, Toronto Section
  • Avery Simundsson, Manitoba Section
  • David Zemrau, Edmonton Section