GreenGreyWhite Instagram Photo Contest

The colours of the Alpine Club of Canada’s crest are green, grey and white to represent the forests, rocks and snow of the alpine environment.

Follow us on Instagram at @alpineclubcan and use the hashtag #alpineclubofcanada to enter your images of adventure, outdoors and mountain community and to allow us to feature your image throughout the contest.

The winner each month will be the photographer of our favourite photo submitted. We’re looking for images that capture the GreenGreyWhite spirit, more than anything – images that portray the beauty of the spaces we play and the passion that people have for these environments. Good luck and happy trails!

Current Month

Designed for close-in backcountry riding and features the new Float 2.0 system.


Prize: FLOAT 17 Speed avalanche airbag 2.0

This month's GreenGreyWhite Instagram Photo Contest is brought to you by the most trusted name in backcountry safety, BCA!

By entering the contest you have a chance to win a Float 17 Speed Avalanche Airbag 2.0! This pack is designed for close-in backcountry riding and features the new Float 2.0 system. Creating buoyancy and helping you float to the surface, the 150-liter airbag not only decreases your burial depth but also protects your head and neck from trauma in an avalanche.

Be sure to head over and tag us on Instagram (@alpineclubcan) and use #alpineclubofcanada on your images of huts, adventure, community and the outdoors for a chance to win this month's prize!

Good luck and have fun!

Past Winners

Photo: Danielle Weiss



October put us into shoulder season with changing leaves, brisk winds and depending where you were, dustings of fresh snow.

Change can be a tenuous process, but also a beautiful one, and we think this photo from @danielle.weiss_ perfectly sums that up - moving water, a touch of greenery and light hits of snow on tree-tops. Congrats Danielle, we hope you get out more for more photos with your new Descender Hybrid top from Icebreaker!

Be sure to head over and tag us on Instagram (@alpineclubcan) and use #alpineclubofcanada on your images of huts, adventure, community and the outdoors for a chance to future prizes!

Photo: Taylor Sullivan



September means crisp temps and prime rock weather in Canada, except in the Rockies apparently - it was totally winter... which meant we had quite a variety of images for our GGW contest this month!

With snow on the ground, it was enough reason to take out the tools and drive traffic to popular dry-tool crags. We love this particular shot from @tsul123 of @kevin_mcbride at the Drive-In - a nice breaking line through the frame of the wall, expression and movement of some strangely fun rock scratching! Congrats Taylor - enjoy slamming pins with your new Alpine Hammer from your local friends in K-Country, Canadian Alpine Tools!

A few words from Taylor on his photo: "With all the snow we've been getting in the valley, ice and ski season are just around the corner and dry tooling doesn't seem all that crazy anymore, even though is it the middle of sendtember."

Be sure to head over and tag us on Instagram (@alpineclubcan) and use #alpineclubofcanada on your images of huts, adventure, community and the outdoors for a chance to future prizes!

Photo: Anthony Walsh


Prize: The North Face Prophet 85

August was a tough month with wildfires on the West and humid hotness on the East. There was still a bunch of inspiring outings and photos though - good stuff everyone!

There's an abundance of beauty out there in the mountains, but we love the feeling we get with this shot from @tonysgotacamera! The break of dawn on the horizon, snow patch bivy, headlamp illumination and the sorting of gear... all contributing to a feeling that many of us can relate to from those early alpine starts - a hard time to whip out the camera too! Congrats Anthony - the shot won our August GGW contest! Anthony can carry his gear a little more comfortably with his new Prophet 85 Pack, thanks to our friends at The North Face!

A few words from Anthony on his photo: "The long approach through bush, talus and snow would quickly pay off once arriving to our 5 star bivy on Bryce's north ridge. Unobstructed views from the east (pictured) and west (2nd) certainly made waking up at 4am to start climbing worthwhile."

Be sure to head over and tag us on Instagram (@alpineclubcan) and use #alpineclubofcanada on your images of huts, adventure, community and the outdoors for a chance to future prizes!

Photo: Maryn Simrak

JUly 2018

Prize: Arc'Teryx Atom LT Hoody

So many entries for July - we were stoked! Glad to see our community getting outside, taking advantage of good weather and snapping some wonderful photos.

This shot from Maryn Simrak stood out to us early in the month - showing off some amazing cross-lighting on some rugged terrain in Jumbo Pass. While the hut featured isn't one of ours, we still love it and chose it for this month's GGW winner! Maryn can now venture out in style with her new Atom LT Hoody, thanks to our Canadian friends at Arc'teryx!

A few words from Maryn on his photo: "Underestimating the mountains is something I should be past by now, but the lessons just keep coming. Boiling snow for water in July? I’m ok with that (it also made a nice margarita base to be fair). #julyuary"

Be sure to head over and tag us on Instagram (@alpineclubcan) and use #alpineclubofcanada on your images of huts, adventure, community and the outdoors for a chance to future prizes!

Photo: Jake Finnan

JUNE 2018

Prize: MEC Spark 2p Tent

Despite some dicey weather this month it looked like many folks were still getting out and taking sweet photos! We love this one from Jake Finnan - encompassing that early start feeling with the wonderful alpine glow... which is why it's our June GGW winner! Jake can now stay dry in the backcountry with his new MEC Spark 2P Tent!, generously donated by our good pals over at MEC!

A few words from Jake on his photo: "Setting your alarm to start your hike at 2 AM sounds like a crazy idea, but when you get to the summit to witness the most incredible sunrise of your lifetime, it's suddenly the best idea ever."

Be sure to head over and tag us on Instagram (@alpineclubcan) and use #alpineclubofcanada on your images of huts, adventure, community and the outdoors for a chance to future prizes!

Photo: Christine Weber.

May 2018

Prize: Women's or Men's PhD Ultra Light Sport Jacket

We had so many great entries this month for our GreenGreyWhite Instagram photo contest, but Christine Weber's (@xtineweber) photo took the cake for us - congrats! Christine will be taking home an awesome PhD Ultra Light Sport Jacket, generously provided by our partners at Smartwool.

A few words from Christine on her photo: "After a spur of the moment trip planning, a night of off-roading and 3 hours of sleep, Matt Lane (@the_halfassed_adventurer) and I decided to head to the Nesakwatch Spires to do a little early season scrambling and 'check out the conditions'. It wasn't until we were standing in the col between the North and South spires that we looked at each other and said 'Well, looks like conditions are good, eh?' 1500m gain in 4km left us with some sore but happy legs the next day!"

Be sure to head over and tag us on Instagram (@alpineclubcan) and use #alpineclubofcanada on your images of huts, adventure, community and the outdoors for a chance to future prizes!

Photo by Drew Leiterman.

April 2018


Congrats to our winner of the April edition of our GreenGreyWhite Instagram photo contest, Drew Leiterman (@drewmagoo66 ) who has won himself a pair of Bridger Mid-B Dry Boots, generously provided by our partners at Oboz. A few words from Drew about the image: "I took this photo at Perry Creek in the East Kootenays, BC. The route is The Guy Line 5.11b, a stunning knife edge arete that looks as good as it climbs. Thin crimps on the right and arete slapping the left. Most definitely a classic. The climber is Heather Burrows (@mtn.prl), a local crusher." 

Be sure to head over and tag us on Instagram (@alpineclubcan) and use #alpineclubofcanada on your images of huts, adventure, community and the outdoors for a chance to win this awesome April prize.

Photo by Nelson Rioux.

March 2018

Prize: Backcountry Access STASH 20™ KIT

Our winner for the March GreenGreyWhite photo contest is Nelson Rioux with this shot from Syndicat de boutique M6+ at St-Alban QC. Nelson says: "Being tall is most often a reachy advantage in climbing but sometimes forces you to be creative to get out of tight spots." Our winner takes home a STASH 20™ KIT from Backcountry Access, Inc; the perfect starter kit for those who already own a transceiver. Includes: Stash 20 pack, Stealth 240 probe, and B-1 EXT shovel. 

Be sure to tag us on Instagram (@alpineclubcan) and use #alpineclubofcanada on your images of huts, adventure, community and the outdoors for a chance to win stuff monthly!

Photo by Ben Pearman.

February 2018

Prize: A pair of CAMP USA X-Dream Ice Axes and an Eghen 22 Pack

Our winner for February's GreenGreyWhite photo contest is Ben Pearman with this shot inside The Booming Ice Chasm in Crowsnest Pass, AB. Ben takes home a pair of X-Dream Ice Axes from CAMP, the go-to axe for technical ice and mixed climbing, and an Eghen 22 pack also from CAMP. Be sure to tag us on Instagram (@alpineclubcan) and use #alpineclubofcanada on your images of huts, adventure and the outdoors for a chance to win. Thanks to our sponsors at CAMP for this great prize pack.


Photo by @c_outdoors.

November 2017

Prize: Backcountry Access Tracker3 Avalanche Transceiver

Our winner in November's GreenGreyWhite photo contest is Caity @c_outdoors who has won herself a BCA Tracker3 Avalanche Transceiver. Be sure to tag us on Instagram (@alpineclubcan) and use #alpineclubofcanada on your images of huts, adventure and the outdoors for a chance to win.


Photo by @pavluschkab.

October 2017

Prize: Micro Puff Hoody From Patagonia

Our winner of October’s GreenGreyWhite photo contest is Pavla Breska @pavluschkab with this photo of the northeast arête of Wedge Mountain outside Whistler, BC. Pavla takes home a Micro Puff Hoody from Patagonia!

Be sure to tag us on Instagram (@alpineclubcan) and use #alpineclubofcanada on your images of huts, adventure and the outdoors for a chance to win. Thanks to Patagonia for this great prize.

"Camping" on the edge" at
Bugaboo Provincial Park
by Sean Donovan (@sndon).

September 2017

Prize:Wicked Wearable Weekend from the ACC

Our winner of September’s GreenGreyWhite photo contest is Sean Donovan (@sndon ) who is taking home the ACC’s Wicked Wearable Weekend package: Two nights for two people at any ACC Hut (Value $160), an ACC Icebreaker Merino Tech (Value $100) and an ACC Throwback Icebreaker T-shirt (Value $50)! Congrats, Sean!

Be sure to tag us on Instagram (@alpineclubcan) and use #alpineclubofcanada on your images of huts, adventure and the outdoors for a chance to win! We’re looking forward to tagging along on your summer adventures this month.

Photo by Luke Gibson.

August 2017

Prize:GRIGRI + belay device from Petzl

Congratulations to Luke Gibson (@shotsbyluke) who took first prize in this month’s GGW contest! The prize for August was a GRIGRI + from Petzl. This is an assisted braking device designed for all climbers, for both indoor and outdoor climbing.

Be sure to tag us (@alpineclubcan) and use #alpineclubofcanada on your images of huts, adventure and the outdoors for a chance to win! We’re looking forward to tagging along on your summer adventures this month.

Photo by Matthew Bruhns in
Bugaboo Provincial Park.

July 2017

Prize: Smartwool Horizon Line Wrap or Summit Country Retro SS

The GreenGreyWhite photo contest prize for July is a Horizon Line wrap (for women) or a Summit County Retro SS (for men). Thanks to @smartwool for donating this month’s prize!

Congrats to photographer Matthew Bruhns, the winner of this month’s prize. Matthew’s image of Bugaboo Provincial Park made us want to be there, and nowhere but there, this summer. Way to go, Matt!

June's winner is @travisfromcanada.

June 2017

Prize:Cool-lite "Travel Pack"

Defeat the heat! Cool-Lite enhances the performance of merino by combining it with TENCEL, a eucalyptus wood fibre, to stay cooler and wick better in extreme heat.

This month’s winner is Travis Foster @travisfromcanada with this epic highline in the Rockies. Travis receives an Icebreaker “Travel Pack” featuring  two Cool-Lite shirts of his choice, one pair of merino socks and one pair of merino underwear bottoms. 

Thanks to Icebreaker for this great prize pack. Remember to tag us in your images and to use #alpineclubofcanada for a chance to win in July.

Photo by @torpow.

May 2017

Prize: Arc'teryx Atom LT Hoody

This month’s prize is every outdoors-person’s dream layer — an active-use insulation layer that provides vital core warmth with liberal mobility and breathability; Coreloft™ insulation in the torso, arms and hood; side panels and underarms with Polartec® Power Stretch® and Hardface® Technology, and great stretch mobility and breathability.

And the winner of an Atom LT Hoody from Arc’teryx is Tori Powell (@torpow) with this chilly shot of an alpine dip on the Iceline Trail. Congrats, Tori!

Photo by Casey Sullivan (@caseys3).

April 2017

Prize: The North Face Cinder Pack 55

Another sweet prize from our partner The North Face: this month’s winner will be rocking’ the back country with an insanely durable 1000D PU-coated nylon built to withstand the most intense trad climbing situations.

The winner of our photo contest and this awesome prize from The North Face for April is Casey Sullivan with this epic shot from a recent trip to Fairy Meadow. Congrats, Casey!

Photo by @krruby.

March 2017

Prize:Outdoor Reserach Deviator Hoody (M's or W's)

Shoulder season is creeping up on us, but there’s still plenty of fresh pow stashes to be found all over the country. How are you getting your fix of Canada’s winter wonders?

Our winner for March is Kim Ruby Thanks for all the great submissions this month, everyone!

By @brycebrownimages.

February 2017

Theme:Mountain Love

Prize: Micro Puff Hoody From Patagonia

Who even cares about Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re single or taken, February is a great a time to get out there and celebrate your love for the mountains! Thanks for following us at @alpineclubcan and tagging your photos with #alpineclubofcanada in February. We are feelin’ the love!

And the winner of a Mountain Hardwear Ozonic OutDry Waterproof Pack is: Bryce Brown ! “Another photo of @ianwelsted riding the new route ‘Blob Blob Blob’. Giddyup!”

December 2016

Due to the holiday season and the National Office closure during the holidays, there will be no December competition. Please continue to follow @alpineclubcan and tag your photos #alpineclubofcanada. We will be featuring some shots through December and over the holidays to keep inspiring you. Check back in the new year for some great prizes and shots captured by our dedicated members. Happy Holidays and New Years from all of us at the ACC.

Photo by @lucas_really.

November 2016

Theme: Explore
Winner: @lucas-really
Prize:The North Face Alpine 50L Pack

Exploring is part of what The Alpine Club of Canada and The North Face have in common and why they’ve been partners for well over 10 years. Our members go out everyday of the year to expand their horizons and views to explore themselves and the environment. Capturing photos along the way and sharing them, helps ignite the same spirit in everyone and @lucas_really is no exception here. So go on, get out there and Never Stop Exploring.

Photo by @stasher_bc.

October 2016

Theme: Journey
Winner: @stasher_bc
Prize: Smartwool Smartloft Jacket

We all have our Journey and it’s a path that we sometimes travel alone and other times with partners that help us to our final destination, known or unknown. Capturing these moments can allow us to share this journey with others and to remind ourselves where we came from and what we learned along the way. The Alpine Club of Canada wants you to share your journey’s with us so that we can see where you’ve been and where you are headed.

Our newest partner to the ACC family is Smartwool and they have graciously provided one of their super comfy Smartloft jackets for this month’s winner of the #GreenGreyWhite photo competition.

Some words from this month's winner, Chris Istace @stasher_bc : “The dawn as we eyed up the most coveted summit on Vancouver Island , Mt Colonel Foster. 2 peaks stood in our way that we had to climb before the main summit made for 16hrs of trad climbing, short roping and endless rappels as rain and fog attempted to thwart our successful descent. Summiting is optional ~ Descending is Mandatory."

Photo by @malhockey87.

September 2016

Theme: Serenity
Winner: @malhockey87
Prize: Tycane Sungalsses from Adidas Eyewear

Serenity it neither a place nor a feeling, but a state of mind. Watching our members find this has been a real experience for us and we need to draw attention to Mallory Green @malhockey87 for capturing this experience with her time up in Lake O’Hara. With the changing of the seasons, capturing just the right light to effectively change your perception is a rare achievement. To keep your sight intact upon this journey Adidas stepped up to protect your eyes with a pair of the Tycane sunglasses.

Schaffer lake with Mount Huber in the background from last weekend’s hike.

Photo by @at.altitude.

August 2016

Theme: Serenity
Winner: @at.altitude
Prize: Arc'teryx Atom LT Hoody

We congratulate Connor Young @at.altitude for his second winning photo in our #GreenGreyWhite Instagram photo contest. This image “overlooking Iceberg Lake and Iceberg Peak from the descent from Mt. Wilbur” is truly Epic and was our unanimous winner in a month with many strong entries. We envy the places that @at.altitude explores and captures for us all to enjoy. The prize for this Epic photo is an Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody. Thanks to everyone who has submitted photos and thanks to our great friends at Arc’teryx for supplying this month’s prize.

Photo by @vvalchev.

July 2016

Theme: Majestic
Winner: @vvalchev
Prize: Outdoor Research Men's and Woman's Deviator Hoody

More and more submissions and a very high standard of photos makes picking our monthly winners harder and harder. Our winner this month is Victoria Valchev @vvalchev with this photo that captures the majesty of our mountains. This month’s prize is two (men’s and women’s) OR Deviator Hoodies. We appreciate the dedication our members have to getting outside whether they obtain their objectives or not. Perseverance and love of the outdoors keeps us all going.

@brandonmacmullin and I were the definition of spontaneous this weekend – we had a new plan and new mountains to climb just about every 5 minutes. We got soaked by all the rain ? and didn’t fully conquer a single summit (originally had four in mind). The closest we got was Youngs Peak, but ya can’t be mad while witnessing that sunset☝?"

And a special shout out to our friends at Outdoor Research for July’s prize.

Photo by @blake.mcintyre.

June 2016

Theme: Majestic
Winner: @blake.mcintyre
Prize: Mountain Hardware Rainshadow OutDry 26 Backpack

It was a tough choice with this month’s Light theme but @blake.mcintyre took home the prize with this fantastic image of the King of the Mountain. The glow of a setting sun on this magnificent mountain goat and the contrast between the clouds and mountains captured the beauty that exists around us at all times, but especially during sunrises and sun sets. Well done.

“King of the Mountain” @blake.mcintyre

Thanks to our good friends at Mountain Hardwear for supplying this month’s prize – a very cool Rainshadow OutDry 26 backpack.

Photo by @travisfromcanada.

May 2016

Theme: Majestic
Winner: @travisfromcanada
Prize: ACC Icebreaker Throwback Tech T

Travis Foster @travisfromcanada took this month’s prize with this photo. Fighting against the elements is a full-time job when it comes to playing outside, and this picture captures that quality in the worst of it. We commend Travis’ dedication to route development as he works tirelessly through this snow storm. ACC members aren’t afraid of a little grey weather.

#scrubbin‘ some new routes on this steep stand-alone feature we found. Had to dig deep for the psyche to scrub in white out though.

Photo by @at.altitude.

April 2016

Theme: Majestic
Winner: @at.altitude
Prize: ACC Icebreaker Tech Top

Congratulations to Connor Young @at.altitude for a great shot of some early springtime dedication. What caught our attention was the colour contrast that the snow and mountains provided with the backdrop of Abraham Lake in the David Thompson Corridor east of Red Deer, Alberta. The spectrum of blue in the lake from the melt out of the lake really captures the beauty that is unique to glacier lakes, no matter their size. We applaud all our members zest for getting outside in the “shoulder” season. It goes to show that with some dedication, there’s always adventures to be had.

Ascending the final leg of the endless scree/snow gully on Abraham Mountain in the David Thompson wilderness.”

Enter Your Images

Photo by Heather Thompson

Entering the monthly contest is easy:

  1. Follow @alpineclubcan on Instagram
  2. Tag us in your mountain and outdoor photos taken in Canada’s forests (green), rock (grey) and snow/ice (white) or use #alpineclubofcanada.
  3. That’s it, you’re entered. Watch our Instagram accounts for monthly winners

Why an instagram contest ?

Photo by Rick McKelvey

The ACC is a big club – or rather 22 clubs. Our 15,000 members and 22 sections from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland & Labrador to the Yukon are made up of passionate climbers, skiers and hikers. We’re all part of the same national club but we don’t see each other that much. GreenGreyWhite is our effort to connect our members in every corner of our country.

The ACC’s GreenGreyWhite photo contest is about showing Canada, the world and our own members what it is to be a part of the ACC. It’s a walk in the park, it’s a summer crag day, it’s a glacier ski, it’s a mountaineer’s peak, it’s anything that makes you get outside, smile and enjoy the outdoors.

What's Green Grey and White all about ?

Green, Grey and White are the colours of the shield on the ACC’s logo and represent the forests, rocks and snow/ice of the alpine environment where we recreate. These are the places our club has loved and skied, hiked and climbed in (as well as worked to protect) for 110 years. GreenGreyWhite celebrates our sports, our club and our connected passion across Canada from coast to coast to coast. We want you to share your pride of the ACC and your pride of the Canadian outdoors. Your job is to take photos of your Green Grey and White adventures.

Contest means I can win stuff, right ?

Right! We’ll be giving away a prize for our favourite image each month, and then starting over again with all of the photos submitted in the next month. What kind of prizes? Think ACC-branded Icebreaker shirts and sweaters, guide books and Canadian Alpine Journals and prizes from our partners like Patagonia, BCA, The North Face, Arc'Teryx, OR, Mountain Hardwear, Smartwool and more.

Each month’s winning image and runners up will also be shared on the @alpineclubcan Instagram accounts.

The fine print:

Photos must be the property of the photographer.
The Alpine Club has the right to post the winning photo on their website and social channels as a listed winner.
You don’t have to be a member of The Alpine Club of Canada to enter or to win a prize, but, really, why wouldn’t you be?