Where to Give

The Alpine Club of Canada’s direction is guided by strategic priorities designed to secure the future of our Club and preserve the safe, responsible and affordable enjoyment of Canada’s alpine environments.

Our Club’s priorities are your priorities — engaging the next generation of ACC members, growing and caring for our system of backcountry huts, enhancing and expanding mountain adventures, preserving and protecting the environment in which we play, and telling our remarkable and historic mountain story.

Learn more about the ACC’s giving opportunities and that are of interest to you.


Greatest Needs

The Greatest Needs Fund is a permanent legacy of the ACC. This fund has been in place for over 15 years, and has grown considerably over that time through donations and generous bequests from members who included the ACC in their estate planning. Interest income is used annually to support strategic priorities and projects. Funding is distributed through grants approved by the ACC Board of Directors.

The ACC Greatest Needs Fund strengthens the ACC’s ability to seize new opportunities, address pressing issues and make strategic decisions that benefit our national community.

Rustic Retreats

No matter its style or size, the retreats in the ACC’s network of 35 hostels, huts and cabins offer wilderness adventurers a safe, comfortable place to warm up, rest your weary feet and enjoy a great meal with others.

The Need:

  • Many existing huts are decades old and need restoration.
  • More huts are needed to support the diversity of members – providing great escapes for families, youth and seniors.
  • More safe opportunities for traverses, such as on the Wapta Icefield.
  • Expand offerings across the country.
  • Use of huts reduces environmental impact by concentrating human activity to a specified area.

Your gift can support the Facilities Fund or help section projects, such as the Bon Echo Hut Revitalization Project or the new hut on Vancouver Island.

Inspiring Adventures

Great escapes are organized by Sections and the National Office year-round across the country and to several international locations each year. They are a thrilling way to explore the world, experience nature and yourself, and build skills and experience.

The Need:

  • To keep our programs cost-effective, our model is almost break-even, so additional funds are needed to support infrastructure enhancement and expansion of programs.
  • High demand for different, diverse and specialized adventures.
  • Camp equipment and infrastructure must remain current and in good repair for safety and experience.
  • Need for more amateur leaders and the responsibility to help them be the best they can be.
Support our volunteer leaders by making a gift to the Leadership Development Fund

Preserving Our Playground

As Canada’s mountaineering leader, the ACC has an obligation to keep our back country open and unblemished for those who follow us for generations to come. Working with like-minded partners and supporters, the ACC is the foremost voice in protecting wilderness areas across the country for the safe, responsible enjoyment of all.

The Need:

  • A national voice to promote environmental stewardship and responsible access to the back country.
  • Protection and preservation of wilderness areas.
  • Education on back-country etiquette and safe, responsible use of huts.
  • Development of new trails, and maintenance and repair of existing trails.
  • Enhance and lead innovation on sustainable huts and reducing environmental footprints.
  • Support research and advocacy for conservation and understanding of our natural spaces.

Learn more about how you can support our Environment Fund.

Sharing Our Mountain Story

Since our beginning, the ACC has been a prominent voice in preserving and promoting our nation’s back-country legacy, history, culture and literature. Our Club is dedicated to keeping the mountain story strong.

The Need:

  • Provide online and physical access to our cultural works and prestigious journals, such as the Canadian Alpine Journal, the Gazette and the Summit Series.
  • Develop new cultural works to retain our leadership role as a respected voice in backcountry culture.
  • Support the preservation of archives and cultural works.
Learn more about the Mountain Culture Fund.

Create Your Own Fund

If you have a personal passion or interest, we can work with you to create a fund that both realizes your vision and aligns with ACC’s priorities. There are any number of ways to create a gift that remembers or celebrates those important to you. 

A named fund can be endowed or funded annually, or over a limited term (a three-year commitment of $5,000 per year is recommended).

The ACC welcomes donors to create named funds of $25,000 or more in strategic areas of interest.

Examples of named designated funds include: Jen Higgins Fund, Jim Colpitts Memorial Scholarship, Karl Nagy Memorial Scholarship and Louise Guy Commemorative Fund.

For more information, contact Jolene Livingston.