Ben Ferris (Great Cairn) Hut

The ACC operates the largest network of backcountry huts in North America. Situated on a bench with a “front row seat” for the many moods of Mt. Sir Sandford, and built from stones from the area, the Great Cairn Hut is one of the most picturesque huts the ACC operates, as well as one of the most spectacularly positioned. See all of our huts here.

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Ben Ferris (Great Cairn) Hut

The mountaineering and alpine rock climbing in the Adamants, Gothics and Sir Sandford ranges is excellent. Mt. Sir Sandford itself, the highest peak in the Selkirks, is a classic mountaineering objective and without a doubt the biggest attraction of the area. The hut can also be used as a ski touring objective from the Fairy Meadow Hut or as a base for excellent ski touring in the Sir Sandford area itself.

Situated on a bench with a “front row seat” for the many moods of Mt. Sir Sandford, and built from stones from the area, the Great Cairn Hut is one of the most picturesque huts the ACC operates, as well as one of the most spectacularly positioned.

The hut sleeps six people quite comfortably, has a mouse-proof wooden food locker and a small table with four stools. There is a small wood burning stove for heat, but firewood is not supplied. Propane stove and white gas stove is also available, but you'll have to bring both your own propane and white gas canisters. Outhouses are also available, but do require a Re-stop bag (deposited into blue barrels). For water sources, visitors can look to melt snow (in winter), or use the streams behind the hut (Summer).

From its location on a red bedrock bench, 4 km NNW of Mt. Sir Sandford in the heart of the Northern Selkirk Mountains of B.C. Access to the hut is via either of two long overland routes involving extensive glacier travel or via helicopter from Golden, B.C.

At A Glance

General: Northern Selkirks, at the base of Mt. Sir Sandford
Map and Grid Reference: 82N/12 (Mount Sir Sandford); Grid Reference 390269
Hut Elevation: 1,890 m (6,200 ft)
Lat / Long: 51°41’ 24”-117°52’ 54”
Open: Open all year
Rates: See below

Quick Description: Helicopter flight from Golden
Approach Description: Printable PDF
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Other Huts in the Area

The Fairy Meadow Hut is a long day’s travel north of the Great Cairn. The trip is commonly done in both summer and winter, but involves extensive glacier travel – mountaineering experience is essential.


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Summer 2022 (May 1 to October 30)

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Price per night $40 $50


  • There are no pre-set booking schedule for these dorm-style huts. Guests may book and stay for any period.
  • Overnight rates are inclusive of all fees and charges, including Parks Canada fees. Beginning summer 2022, Parks Canada Wilderness Pass fees will not be added to your booking.

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Sleeps 6
Mattress pads provided, bring your own sleeping bag
Propane stove and white gas stove. Bring both the green canister and white gas
Outhouse - use of reststop bags required. Deposit reststop bags into blue barrels.
Coleman lanterns – bring white gas and spare mantels
Wood stove – firewood is not provided
Snow melt (winter), stream behind hut (summer)

Recreational Opportunities

  • Mountaineering
  • Ski Touring
  • Ski Mountaineering


Access in summer and winter is via helicopter. Travel arrangements through Alpine Helicopters in Golden (250-344-7444).

Printable detailed approach description

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The Hut Experience

Staying in a backcountry hut is a shared, rustic experience. Sleeping, kitchen and living areas are communal, and foam mattresses, cooking and eating utensils are provided. Guests area expected to bring their own sleeping bags, food and personal items.

All of our huts are user-maintained, meaning that the custodial work of keeping the hut clean, chopping firewood and shovelling snow is done by the guests. The ACC provides major service and renovations to all of our huts each year to ensure they are in good repair.

There are no transition days between bookings. Guests are responsible to sanitize before and after use of the huts.

Download our hut cleaning and sanitation guidelines here.

Enjoy this video of the solitude of the Great Cairn Hut in winter. From our good friends at Arc’teryx.