Hut Bookings - Summer 2020


  • Requests for bookings are made online only and will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis. Please do not call our office to request a hut booking.
  • Hut booking requests re-opened on June 15, 2020.
  • Huts may only be booked by a single party (exclusive booking).
  • Prices are fixed on a per-night basis for the entire hut.
  • Full payment is required at the time of booking and is non-refundable.
  • Cancelled bookings will be entitled to a 100% credit which can be used in the following 24 months.

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Full details are below.

Hut Bookings - Exclusive bookings only

The ACC has made changes to our huts and our booking system to make them available for bookings for summer 2020 and up to October 31. There are presently no plans in place for hut bookings after October 31. Our huts are available for booking requests by ACC members as well as the general public. Reservations are required for all bookings.

For summer 2020 we have:
  • Made all hut bookings exclusive to reduce contact between groups and reduce potential geographic spread of COVID-19.
  • Reduced all hut group sizes to 15 person maximum.
  • Scheduled 24 hour transition periods between bookings at our busiest facilities for disinfecting.
  • Limited bookings at our more remote huts to one booking per week and allowed for a minimum of 72 hours between bookings.
  • Increased COVID-related hut user information and signage.
  • Removed all non-essential hut items (extra kitchen supplies, books, games, etc.).
  • Installed hand sanitizing stations.
  • Increased cleaning and disinfecting supplies.

Entire hut bookings

All hut booking for summer 2020 will be for the entire hut (exclusive booking). There will be one point of contact for the booking and all members of the group accept the collective risk of traveling together and staying in the hut.

Booking options

All summer 2020 all hut bookings are exclusive.

Huts with structured booking schedule
The ACC's most popular huts (Elizabeth Parker, Stanley Mitchell, Bow, Wheeler, Asulkan, Fryatt, Wates-Gibson, Elk Lakes, Conrad Kain and Kokanee Glacier) will be disinfected in between bookings and reservations are limited to the following periods weekly:
  • 2 nights (arriving Friday, checking out Sunday).
  • 3 nights (arriving Monday, checking out Thursday).
  • 6 nights (arriving Friday, checking out Thursday).
  • 6 nights (arriving Monday, checking out Sunday).
Sunday nights and Thursday nights are reserved for sanitizing and are not available to book with the exception of during 6-night bookings.

Huts with unstructured schedule
Our less busy or more remote huts (Neil Colgan, Fairy Meadow, Peyto, Balfour, Scott Duncan, Castle Mountain, Sapphire Col, Mt. Alberta, Mt. Colin, Great Cairn, Glacier Circle) will be available to book during the summer with the following requirements:
  • 2 nights minimum booking.
  • Recommended weekend booking.
  • Minimum 72 hour time period between bookings.
These huts will not be disinfected by the ACC between bookings and we recommend parties do their own disinfecting of surfaces on arrival.

Canmore Clubhouse property
The Bell and Boswell cabins are available for booking requests for any nights. These cabins will be disinfected by our housekeeping staff prior to each arrival.

Booking Requests Window
We are accepting booking requests for all of the above huts and cabins on a rolling, 2-month timeline. For example, booking requests for September 4 will be open on July 4.

We will be strictly adhering to check in (3:00 pm) and check out (11:00 am) times.

To see which of our huts are open for summer 2020, please see the Rates section below.

Decreased occupancy

All huts open for summer 2020 will have restricted capacities to limit group size. These numbers are based on provincial and federal recommended group sizes and will be strictly enforced.

Covid-19 Health Questionnaire

All booked parties will be required to submit names for each member of their party, as well as confirm the health of those individuals. This will be sent out 5 days prior to your arrival and must be received within 24 hours of your arrival to the facility.

Covid notice

If anyone in your party experiences any COVID-like symptoms during your stay (fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath), you must immediately vacate the facility and travel directly to your place of origin to follow up with your local health authority for possible testing for COVID-19. You are required to immediately contact the ACC to inform us of your situation. Any associated costs are not the responsibility of the ACC.

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 Hut Rates - Summer 2020

Summer 2020 Rates
(per night for entire hut)

Facility Capacity Member Non-member Open Date Schedule
Elizabeth Parker Hut* 15 $1,300 $1,430 June 19 Structured
Stanley Mitchell Hut 15 $1,100 $1,210 June 26 Structured
A.O. Wheeler Hut 15 $1,150 $1,265 June 19 Structured
Asulkan Cabin 10 $600 $660 June 29 Structured
Wates-Gibson Hut 15 $900 $990 June 29 Structured
Bow Hut 15 $1,000 $1,100 June 29 Structured
Fryatt Hut 12 $500 $550 June 29 Structured
Elk Lakes Cabin 12 $350 $350 July 17 Structured
Conrad Kain Hut 15 $500 $500 July 17 Structured
Kokanee Glacier Cabin 15 $500 $500 July 17 Structured
Fairy Meadow Hut** 15 $600 $660 TBA Unstructured
Peyto Hut 15 $600 $660 June 29 Unstructured
Balfour Hut 15 $400 $440 June 15 Unstructured
Scott Duncan Hut 12 $200 $220 June 15 Unstructured
Neil Colgan Hut 15 $500 $550 July 3 Unstructured
Castle Mountain Hut 6 $150 $165 June 19 Unstructured
Sapphire Col Hut 4 $150 $165 June 15 Unstructured
Mt. Alberta Hut 6 $150 $165 June 15 Unstructured
Great Cairn Hut 6 $150 $165 June 15 Unstructured
Mt. Colin Hut 6 $150 $165 June 15 Unstructured
Glacier Circle Cabin 8 $200 $220 June 15 Unstructured
Bell Cabin (Canmore CH) 15 $600 $660 June 15 Unstructured
Boswell Cabin East (Canmore CH) 6 $200 $220 June 15 Unstructured
Boswell Cabin West (Canmore CH) 6 $200 $220 June 15 Unstructured
Clubhouse Hostel (per person rate) 3 parties $40 $50 early July Unstructured
Silver Spray Cabin
Woodbury Cabin
Hišimy̓awiƛ 6 $240*** $300 October 13, 2020 2 Night Minimum
Jim Haberl Hut contact section
Wendy Thompson contact section
Tantalus Hut contact section


  • Not all ACC huts will be open for summer 2020. All huts which are opening are on this chart.
  • *The Lake O'Hara bus will not be in operation for the summer 2020 season. Access to Elizabeth Parker Hut is by foot only. Bicycles are NOT PERMITTED on the Lake O'Hara road.
  • **Price for Fairy Meadow Hut does not include helicopter flights.
  • ***Vancouver Island Section member price.
  • All rates are per night for the entire hut.
  • All overnight stays in national parks require the purchase of a backcountry wilderness pass. The rate is $10.02 per person per night and will be added to your total invoice at the time of confirmation.
  • Membership in The Alpine Club of Canada may be purchased at the time of booking.

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 Booking procedure

Bookings general info

  • Hut bookings for summer 2020 can only be made through our online request form. Please do not call our office to make a booking.
  • Bookings can be requested up to two months in advance of the first night of the booking.
  • Booking requests will be filled as of midnight on the day that the form is submitted.

First - Confirm availability for your facility

You can check hut availability here:

Check Availability

NOTE: Not all facilities are available for the current booking period (June through October 31, 2020) If you do not see the facility in the availability calendar, it is unavailable to request at this time.

To request a booking

  • Complete the online Hut Booking Request Form. At the time of the request, you will require:
    • Name of person requesting booking. Note that all communication between the ACC and your group will go through this one contact person.
    • Phone number.
    • Email address.
    • Name of the hut you wish to book.
    • Dates of desired stay.
  • Agree to the policies and submit the form.
You will be contacted by our office within 48 hours of our receiving your booking request to let you know if your request can be fulfilled. 

At the time of booking

We will require full payment for the hut booking and Parks Canada Wilderness Passes for your group.

Prior to departing for the hut

  • You will be expected to sign a declaration of health prior to your departure.
  • We will require complete contact information for all members of your party for possible contact tracing.
The ACC requires the right to close facilities at any time. Should this occur and your booking is affected, you will be provided with alternative options or a full refund.

Request a booking

To request a booking, please complete the online form at this link.

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Payments and cancellations


  • For all summer 2020 hut bookings, payment must be made in full at the time of booking.


  • All bookings are non-refundable.
  • Cancelled bookings will be entitled to a 100% credit which can be used in the following 24 months.
  • Should the ACC close facilities (for example due to COVID-19), booked parties will be offered a full refund.