Jim Haberl Hut - Vancouver Section

Mountaineering Base in the Tantalus Range

The Jim Haberl Hut is located in the Tantalus Range, just northwest of Squamish, BC. It is located at 2,030 m (6,660 ft) elevation in the Serratus-Dione Col, about a 6-hour hike above Lake Lovely Water and the Tantalus Hut or a full 14 hours (usually done over two days) from the Squamish River. The site is located on the edge of Tantalus Provincial Park at 551600 northerly/477800 easterly on map 92G/14 (Cheakamus River).

The hut is a single story wood frame structure with metal roofing and cladding. There is a large kitchen and sitting room with wonderful views to the north, south and west. There are also two sleeping rooms with bunks for 6 people each. While the hut is kept locked, there is an unlocked vestibule for emergency use.

The mountaineering terrain around the hut is dramatic and most suitable for intermediate and advanced climbers. There is a wide variety of mixed snow and rock routes of various grades on peaks such as: Tantalus 2,603 m (8,540 ft); Dione 2,590 m (8,500 ft); Alpha 2,305 m (7,562 ft); Serratus 2,326 m (7,632 ft) and others. The hut is conveniently located for climbers doing the full traverse of the Tantalus Range. Climbing in the area is covered in Climbing and Hiking in Southwestern B.C. by Bruce Fairley, and in Alpine Select by Kevin McLane.

The terrain is not suitable for general ski touring due to the avalanche hazard, however steep skiing and snowboarding is possible by experienced parties during spring months. Several paragliders have enjoyed flights from the Serratus-Dione Col to the Squamish Valley.

At A Glance

General: In the Serratus-Dione Col, in the Tantalus Range, NW of Squamish, BC
Map and Grid Reference: 92G/14 (Cheakamus River); Grid Reference:
Hut Elevation: 2,030 m (6,660 ft)
GPS: 551600/477800
Lat / Long: 
Open: Open from March 1 to September 30 each year for spring ski-mountaineering and summer climbing.
Rates: Go to accvancouver.ca for up-to-date rates and guidelines.

Quick Description: 6-hour hike from Lake Lovely Water (14 hours from the road). Or helicopter ride from Squamish.
Elevation Gain to Hut: 
Approach Time: 14 hours from the road; 6 hours from Lake Lovely Water.
How To Book


Note: The Jim Haberl Hut is maintained and operated by the Vancouver Section of the ACC. Reservations are required as the hut is kept locked.

Hut Custodian: Anna Milino

More information is available here - https://accvancouver.ca/huts

Consider cancellation and/or appropriate emergency medical insurance for your trip (link below):

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Please go to accvancouver.ca for up-to-date rates and guidelines.


12 (2 6-person rooms)
Bring your own LED lighting
Wood stove, fire bricks provided

Recreational Opportunities

  • Scrambling
  • Mountaineering
  • Alpine Rock Climbing
  • Ski Mountaineering


Access by Helicopter: Squamish Airport direct to hut. Contact Black Tusk Helicopters 604-898-4800 or Blackcomb Helicopters 604-898-1067.

Access On Foot: Cross the Squamish River and take the trail to Lake Lovelywater. Carry on past Lambda Lake to the “Russian Army Camp”, then follow a mountaineering route up steep scree & snow to the Ionia-Serratus Col. Cross a small glacier northwards to the Serratus-Dione Col and the hut (Glacier travel experience required). For access across the Squamish River, please refer to the information on the BC Parks - Tantalus Park website.

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The Hut Experience

Staying in a backcountry hut is a shared, rustic experience. Sleeping, kitchen and living areas are communal, and foam mattresses, cooking and eating utensils are provided. Guests are expected to bring their own sleeping bags, food and personal items.

All of our huts are user-maintained, meaning that the custodial work of keeping the hut clean, restocking the compressed firebricks and shovelling snow is done by the guests. The ACC provides major service and renovations to all of our huts each year to ensure they are in good repair.