Sydney Vallance (Fryatt) Hut

Fryatt Valley – Overlooked Gem

A relatively little-known and little-visited valley, this area is one of the true gems of the Rockies! The Fryatt Hut offers a superb base for exploration both summer and winter with excellent alpine climbing and ski-touring all within fairly easy reach of the cabin.

The hut received a major facelift and interior makeover in the summer of 1999 and then again in 2012. The interior is roomier with a new bunk design, new benches and tables, flooring and kitchen. It has a propane system for cooking and lighting and a wood stove for heating.

The approach is usually completed in a long day, but some parties will appreciate the Parks campsites which are strategically located along the trail, breaking the trip into two days during the summer.  Bikes can also be used for the first 11 km, as far as the first campsite at Fryatt Creek, which will substantially reduce the total approach time and makes for a fun trip out! Yet another option is to canoe across the Athabasca River, cutting off 7 km. In winter it is a good idea to inquire as to whether the Athabasca River has frozen over (usually by the end of December).  If so, then parties can cross immediately from the Icefield Parkway and, with good snow conditions, easily reach the hut in a day with an early start.  Winter access involves crossing some avalanche paths – check conditions before you go.

At A Glance

General: In the upper Fryatt Valley, Jasper National Park
Map and Grid Reference: 83C/12 (Athabasca Falls); Grid Reference: 403174
Hut Elevation: 1,980 m (6,495 ft)
GPS: 11U 440270 5817572
Lat / Long: 52°30’ 18” / -117°52’ 48”
Open: Open all year
Rates: $30 members, $40 others

Quick Description: 
Elevation Gain to Hut: 765 m (2,510 ft)
Approach Time: 5-8 hours
Approach Description: Printable PDF
Trail Conditions: Parks Canada
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Hut Bookings Summer 2020

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Hut Bookings

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Per Night Adult Member $30
Per Night Adult Non-Member $40
Per Night Child Member $15
Per Nigh Child Non-Member $20

About rates


Mattress pads provided, bring your own sleeping bag
Propane stovetops (propane supplied)
Propane lighting – propane is supplied
Wood stove – firewood is provided
Snow melt, Creek

Recreational Opportunities

  • Mountaineering
  • Scrambling
  • Trail Hiking
  • Ski Touring
  • Ski Mountaneering


Summer Access: The Fryatt Valley trail begins with 11.5 km of flat hiking on an old fire road (mountain bikes are allowed on this section of the trail). The trail then goes up the valley, following Fryatt Creek and scrambling up a steep trail through a headwall. The hut is near the creek at the top of the headwall.

Winter Access: Follows the same route as in summer, with the option of skiing across the Athabasca River when frozen, reducing the distance by 11.5 km.

Printable detailed approach description

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The Hut Experience

Staying in a backcountry hut is a shared, rustic experience. Sleeping, kitchen and living areas are communal, and foam mattresses, cooking and eating utensils are provided. Guests are expected to bring their own sleeping bags, food and personal items.

All of our huts are user-maintained, meaning that the custodial work of keeping the hut clean, chopping firewood and shovelling snow is done by the guests. The ACC provides major service and renovations to all of our huts each year to ensure they are in good repair.