These policies apply to bookings of ACC huts for the winter season beginning November 1, 2020. FoR summer booking policies, go here.

Hut Booking Policies - Winter 2020/21

The ACC has made changes to our huts and our booking system. Our huts are available for booking requests by ACC members as well as the general public. Reservations are required for all bookings.

Covid-19 update

In light of COVID-19, the ACC has made changes to our huts and booking system to help keep our users safe and healthy.

  • All hut bookings are now exclusive (one party only), to reduce contact between groups and potential geographic spread of COVID-19.
  • All hut group sizes have been reduced to a maximum of 15 people. These numbers are based on provincial and federal recommended group sizes and will be strictly enforced.
  • 24-hour transition periods between bookings at our busiest facilities have been scheduled. (More info under "Structured bookings" below.)
  • COVID-related hut user information and signage has been installed at all huts.
  • All non-essential hut items (extra kitchen supplies, books, games, etc.) have been removed to decrease the potential for spread.
  • Hand sanitizing stations have been installed.
  • We have increased the cleaning and disinfecting supplies provided at huts.

How Hut Bookings Work - Winter 2020/21

Exclusive Bookings

All hut bookings are exclusive bookings.
  • There will be one point of contact for the booking.
  • All members of the group accept the collective risk of traveling together and staying in the hut.

Structured Booking Schedule

The ACC's most popular huts (Elizabeth Parker, Stanley Mitchell, Bow, Wheeler, Asulkan, Fryatt, Wates-Gibson, and Elk Lakes) are booked on a structured schedule. Reservations are limited to the following periods each week:
  • 3 nights (arriving Friday, checking out Monday).
  • 2 nights (arriving Tuesday, checking out Thursday).
  • 6 nights (arriving Friday, checking out Thursday).
  • 6 nights (arriving Tuesday, checking out Monday).
Monday nights and Thursday nights are not available to book with the exception of during 6-night bookings.

Booking Wapta Huts

For the time period of March 1 to May 5, the four ACC huts on the Wapta Traverser (Peyto, Bow, Balfour and Scott Duncan huts) and the three huts on the Bow-Yoho Traverse (Bow, Louise and Richard Guy and Stanley Mitchell huts)will be available to book as complete traverse packages. With the rolling 90-day window for winter bookings, these packages will be available to book beginning December 1.

More details will be published here.

Unstructured bookings schedule

Our less busy or more remote huts (Peyto, Balfour, Scott Duncan, Louise and Richard Guy, Sapphire Col, Great Cairn and Glacier Circle) are available to book with the following requirements:
  • 2 nights minimum booking.
  • Minimum 24 hour time period between bookings.
  • Huts are to be sanitized by the arriving party.
We recommend parties disinfect surfaces on arrival.

Check Hut Availability - Winter 2020/21

Canmore Clubhouse and cabin bookings

The Canmore Clubhouse and the Bell and Boswell cabins are available for booking requests for any nights. These cabins are disinfected by our housekeeping staff prior to each arrival. We will be strictly adhering to check in (3:00 pm) and check out (11:00 am) times.

Please call our front desk at 403-678-3200 to request bookings and availability at the Canmore properties. 


Covid and your Group - Winter 2020/21

COVID-19 Health Questionnaire

All booked parties will be required to submit names for each member of their party, as well as confirm the health of those individuals. This will be sent out 5 days prior to your arrival and must be received within 24 hours of your arrival to the facility.

What to do in case of COVID symptoms

If anyone in your party experiences any COVID-like symptoms during your stay (fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath), you must immediately vacate the facility and travel directly to your place of origin to follow up with your local health authority for possible testing for COVID-19. You are required to immediately contact the ACC to inform us of your situation. Any associated costs are not the responsibility of the ACC.

Payments and Cancellations - Winter 2020/21


  • Payment must be made in full at the time of booking.
  • You fill out a form to request a booking, we call you back to confirm the booking, and payment is made on the phone.


  • Once paid, all bookings are non-refundable.
  • Cancelled bookings will be entitled to a 100% credit which can be used for another hut booking in the following 24 months.
  • Bookings cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will not receive a credit. This includes "no-shows" at all facilities.
  • Should the ACC close facilities, booked parties will be offered a full refund.

Request a Hut Booking - WINTER 2020/21