ACC Elections

Club bylaws require the ACC Nomination Committee to develop and recommend to the ACC board of directors and club members a slate of candidates for each board position to be elected. The committee is responsible for identifying qualified individuals with the requisite competences for each position and for recommending to the voting members an applicant who, in the opinion of the Nomination Committee, best meets the criteria and needs of the board at this time.

Each year, three of the nine positions on the ACC board are open for nominations. When there are no nominations for a position, the incumbent is acclaimed and serves another three-year term.

2021 Board Election - Call for Applications

The ACC Nomination Committee is presently identifying qualified individuals for the following Board of Directors positions:

  • Vice President for Mountain Culture
  • Vice President for Sections
  • Vice President for Services & Athletics
Interested candidates have until October 31, 2020 to apply.

For more information on ACC elections, see the following pages: