2019 Election - Candidate Positions


Richard Campbell

Recommended Candidate

The ACC has an election for their Board of Directors coming up in April 2019. I am a candidate for the position of Secretary, a role that closely fits my skill set and experience, and a role I would be honoured to be selected for.

I have shared a bit about myself and my skills in relation to the secretary role on the election page, however, I also wanted to share how I can help the ACC in the pursuit of some of our long-term strategic goals. My background is with start-ups and fast-growing organizations, where I’ve focused on technology and strategy, with a lot of financial and project management thrown in.

As a member of the Board of Directors, I can contribute to the BOD as the ACC pursues their long-term strategic goals, some of which are listed below.

1. Technological Change
Technology is changing our world, and it impacts everything we do. Technology is also a critical area of risk for an organization. We know that technology can save money and increase productivity, but it can also improve club members experiences. Here at the ACC, examples of how technology can help us are an improved system to book a hut or making it easier to manage and sign-up for section trips.

I believe my 20-years of experience working in technology and on technology projects can benefit the ACC Board. Having a Board Member with a deep technology background will improve the likelihood of successful technology projects and produce a better experience for all of us as club members.

2. Advocacy
Fundamentally, I believe that the ACC should be at the forefront in representing the interests of the club. We are a collection of over 14,000 people who share a love for the outdoors. While I know that we all have different political beliefs, we all have something in common – we love exploring the outdoors.

We need strong advocacy for our interests, because nobody else is advocating for us. This is where the ACC does a lot of work, often behind the scenes, to help preserve what makes the Canadian outdoors so special and meaningful for each of us.

I share the ACC’s goal to “Reinstate our role as stewards of Canada’s alpine environments” and will work to further enhance the ACC’s ability to represent members across Canada on issues that relate to the outdoors.

3. Member Retention
The ACC is facing increased competition for new members. The rise of websites like Meetup.com and the growing number of Facebook groups mean that potential members have a lot of options for which club to join. In many cases, these new outdoors groups are significantly larger than the comparable local sections of the ACC, presumably because they provide an easy platform for organizing and signing-up for trips as well as they are often free.

Maintaining and growing our membership is strategically very important, as there are numerous benefits from being a large, national outdoors club like the ACC, most notably in the ability to have the ACC effectively advocate for our needs.

The ACC recognizes the need to engage and retain members and has been successful in this endeavour, though there is still more to do.

If selected for the role of Secretary, I will support the focus on both retaining and expanding membership. I believe my experience in strategy and technology will enable me to make effective contributions in these areas.

4. Increase ACC Facilities
The ACC has done a great job in adding new facilities and maintaining existing facilities, especially considering we have seen a roughly 30% increase in visits to ACC huts in the last decade.

With the growth in use of ACC huts, there is also a discussion about adding additional facilities to cope with increasing demand. The ACC has identified that there is an opportunity to develop further ACC facilities, however the choice to develop a new ACC hut is not a simple decision. There are questions around environmental impact, funding, and location, just to name a few issues that must be resolved.

I can contribute to the Board on this topic of new facilities by assisting with strategy, financial modelling and sharing my own perspectives of a very active hut user, both here in Canada and abroad. I can also support work on a long-term fundraising strategy should the ACC decide to pursue developing new facilities.

Ultimately, I would be honoured to receive your vote in the coming ACC election. If elected, I will work to continue the incredible tradition of the Alpine Club of Canada. The ACC is one of the best mountain clubs on earth, and I want find ways to support each club member in their pursuit of incredible outdoor experiences!

Richard Campbell
Nominee for Secretary
Calgary Section

Steve Traversari 

Position statement coming soon.