UPDATE: April 1, 2018 / 21 Mars 2018

Voting will take place starting on Sunday, April 1, 2018. For instructions on how to vote or to access the printable ballot, please click here

La période de vote débutera le dimanche, 1 Avril 2018. Pour obtenir des instructions sur la façon de voter ou pour accéder au bulletin imprimable,  s'il vous plaîtcliquez ici

The Alpine Club of Canada bylaws require the Nomination Committee to develop and recommend candidates for nomination to each open Board position, and to report the results of this process to the Board of Directors and Club members. The Committee is responsible for identifying qualified individuals who have the required skills and competences to serve in each position.

Where more than one qualified candidate for a position is nominated, an election is held in which all members in good standing as of March 1 and over the age of 18 can vote. In carrying out its work, the Nomination Committee addressed two tasks:

  1. The Committee assessed each applicant in relation to the skills and competences required for the position. All applicants who were deemed to be qualified were nominated for the position they applied for.
  2. Where the Committee determined that one applicant best meets the criteria and needs of the Board at this time, that applicant was recommended by the Committee for the position.

The Committee reviewed all applications and conducted its own diligence. This inluded interviewing applicants who were unknown to a majority of committee members, and discussions with other Club members familiar with the applicant.Based on this process, the Nominations Committee is reporting to the Board of Directors and the membership the following slate of candidates and recommended candidates:

To review the candidate’s statements, please click the candidates name in the table below.

An election will be held for each position for which there is more than one candidate at the October 31 deadline. Members may cast their votes between April 1 and April 30 as required by the bylaws.

Nomination Committee members are:
Peter Muir (Chair, Winnipeg, Man.), Cam Roe (Salt Lake City, USA), Josée Desjardins (Chelsea, Que.), David Roe (Calgary, Alta.), Keith Sanford (Denver, USA), Mary Sanseverino (Victoria, B.C.).

Position Term (begins May 2018) Recommended Candidate Other Qualified Candidate
VP Sections (2 applicants) 3 Years Toby Harper-Merrett
Incumbent (Montreal/Thunder Bay)
Steve Traversari
VP Services & Athletics (2 applicants) 3 Years David Foster
Incumbent (Ottawa)
Avery Simundsson
VP Mountain Culture (1 applicant) 3 Years Zac Robinson
Incumbent (Edmonton)