Hooker & Brown
Hooker & Brown

Set in the Canadian Rockies, Hooker & Brown is an evocative adventure story about one man’s quest to put to rest a historical mystery. While reading a history book of the area, Rumi • a trail crewman in the Rocky Mountain Parks system • learns of two mysterious mountains, and their story is re-entered into the climber’s imagination. Excited by the idea of seeing the mountains and retracing the steps of earlier mountaineers, Rumi begins a pursuit to reach these peaks and to find out if they truly do exist.

Based on a true story from the Rocky Mountains and filled with exhilarating descriptions of one climber’s attempt to tackle some of the world’s greatest peaks, Hooker & Brown explores the effect of mystery and historical inaccuracies in our lives.

Short-listed for the 2009 Boardman-Tasker Award.

“With this powerful and highly poetic first novel Jerry Auld achieves a new peak in the literary interpretation of the nature, history and culture of the mountain West. It is a book about the power of maps and dreams that explores our relationship to gravity and ghosts, rock, water and place with an ending that will leave you breathless.”

— Robert William Sandford

A highly technically accomplished mountaineering novel with a clever plot-line and convincing characters.

— Adjudication Jury, Boardman-Tasker Award 2009

Softcover, 5.5? x 8.5?

240 pages

ISBN: 978-1897142400

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