Alpine Skills: Summer ( French edition) Mémento montagne été
Alpine Skills: Summer ( French edition) Mémento montagne été
Mémento montagne été
Connaissances de base - randonnée alpine - escalade - via ferrata - alpinisme

by The Petzl Foundation

The handbook is a collection of the essential skills one must acquire in order to become a hiking, climbing or mountaineering volunteer leader. Its four modules focus on summer activities: Basic Knowledge, Alpine Hiking, Climbing and Alpinism. Its goal is to present proven techniques that should be learned and mastered through proper technical training as provided by an instructor. The Petzl Foundation’s leadership role in developing safe climbing is familiar to many in the climbing world, especially the Petzl “stickman” safely demonstrating good mountaineering practices in diagrams. The handbook’s startlingly clear diagrams hardly need written explanation for those versed in mountaineering practice; however, the addition of concise descriptions greatly expands the know-­how to those less initiated.

The French translation also includes photos of the North American alpine environment • rather than the European images in the original • that accompany the description of the skills.

This French translation of the Petzl Foundation’s Alpine Skills: Summer handbook, a visually stunning and informative book that will become a ´must have’s for outdoor enthusiasts.

The ACC version of the handbook is available in both English and French.

Published by The Alpine Club of Canada

Softcover 15 x 21 mm

406 pages, colour photos and illustrations
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