Summit Series 12 : Focused on Adventures (Pat Morrow)
Summit Series 12 : Focused on Adventures (Pat Morrow)

by Lynn Martel


From the cloud brushing wonders of the Himalaya to the mysterious jungles of Irian Jaya to the mountain wilderness of his backyard Purcell Mountains, Pat Morrow’s career has defined adventure journalism for 35 years. As a climber he forged challenging new routes, while his natural curiosity and keen storytelling sense took him not only to the top of the world as a member of Canada’s first Mount Everest expedition in 1982, but also to become the first to climb the highest mountain on each continent. As photographer, writer and filmmaker, Morrow has explored some of the most remote and exotic destinations on the planet. But far beyond capturing captivating images of landscapes, flora and fauna, Morrow’s books, magazine articles and films embrace the people of each of those places, honouring their unique customs, histories and cultures. A passionate advocate for wilderness preservation and social justice, Morrow, together with his partner in adventure, in work and in life, Baiba, has set a high bar for documenting the stories of people and the places that nurture their souls.

Published by The Alpine Club of Canada

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