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Summer 2017 Mountaineering
Summer 2017 Climbing
  • Best of the Bugaboos
  • Learn to Lead: Sport
  • Learn to Lead: Trad
Summer 2017 Backpacking
  • Yukon Backpacking Camp
Summer 2017 Skills
  • Summer Leadership Training
  • Learn to Lead: Sport
  • Learn to Lead: Trad
2017 Global Adventure


ACC General Mountaineering Camp - Presented by Mountain Hardwear

From our first camp on the shores of Lake O’Hara in 1906, to the modern helicopter-accessed basecamps, the General Mountaineering Camp has been the ACC’s signature adventure for over a century. Each summer we select a different, remote and pristine alpine destination for our annual camp and for five weeks we teach skills, cross glaciers, summit peaks large and small and love our mountains. When we’re finished, we fly everything out, make sure the area is the way we found it and make a plan for next year. All ability levels are welcomed. Join us!

General Mountaineering Camp, 2017:

  • Albert Icefields GMC (Jul 8-Aug 12, 2017 – 5 week-long camps). For five weeks this summer, we’ll explore the Albert Icefields area from our basecamp on a rocky promontory between two glaciers in this spectacular and seldom-visited corner of the southern Selkirks. There will be striking peaks and adventure in all directions. For all experience levels. 7 days, $1,895.
  • Albert Icefields Artist’s Week (Aug 12-17, 2017). Our annual Artists Week gives access to the same terrain as the GMC, and is fully guided, but with generally more modest climbing objectives. Participants can choose their daily outings – from climbing peaks to short hikes to waterfalls and meadows – and focus on capturing the natural beauty of the mountains in their art. 6 days, $1,395.
  • Historic GMC locations Brush up on over a century of General Mountaineering Camps in the mountains of western Canada.

Mountain Hardwear supports the ACC’s General Mountaineering Camp and we thank them for their assistance.

ACC Mountaineering Program - Presented by Arc'teryx

The high peaks are calling.

Mountaineering Program Camps and Courses:

  • First Summits Camp (TBD, 2017). Take yourself to new heights with our popular introductory mountaineering course. This is a hut-based camp on the Wapta Icefields for those with minimal climbing experience or those looking to refresh dormant skills. 5 days, $1,195.
  • High Adventures at Lake O’Hara Camp (TBD, 2017). Take your mountaineering to the next level in one of the most beautiful places in the Rockies. Includes the classic climbs of Mts. Victoria and Lefroy from Abbot Pass. 6 days, $2,295.
  • 55+ Hiking and Mountaineering Camp (TBD, 2017). A backcountry moderate mountaineering and hiking adventure for the young-at-heart. 7 days, $1,995.

Arc’teryx supports the ACC’s Mountaineering Program and we thank them for their assistance.

ACC Powder Program - Presented by Smartwool

Winter in Canada’s mountains means powder skiing and the ACC knows the terrain. Whether you’re looking to get skills and get up to speed, or looking for the trip of a lifetime, you’ll find it here. Join us!

Powder Program Camps and Courses:

  • Rogers Pass Powder Camp (Jan 28-Feb 1, 2017). An awesome ski camp deep in Rogers Pass, based in the Wheeler and Asulkan Huts. For experienced skiers. 5 days, $1,450.
  • Fairy Meadow Powder Week (April 1-8, 2017). A fly-in, fully-guided week in Selkirk powder paradise. Our most advanced powder camp. 8 days, $2,550.
  • Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 (Dec 10-11, 2016 and Jan 21-22, 2017) Canada’s first step in recreational avalanche training. 2 days, $205.
  • Avalanche Skills Training Level 2 (Jan 12-15, 2017) Canada’s intermediate level recreational avalanche training. 5 days, $595.
  • Learn to Backcountry Ski (Jan 13-15, 2017) For beginners: covers everything from avi gear and hazards to track setting and ski technique. 3 days, $550.

Smartwool supports the ACC’s Powder Program and we thank them for their assistance.

ACC Women's Program - Presented by Marmot

Designed for and offered exclusively to women, our Women’s Program camps allow participants to feel totally comfortable, be themselves and pursue skills and adventure in a supportive, nurturing environment. These camps are staffed and guided exclusively by women as well.

Women’s Program Camps:

  • Women’s Ski Camp (Mar 6-11, 2017). A unique opportunity for participants to build on their winter skills in an all-woman setting. For those with some backcountry skiing experience. 6 days, $1,550.
  • Six-Pass Ski Traverse (TBD, 2017). A more ambitious women’s-only, this camp will take participants on a high-level traverse in Jasper National Park. 7 days, $TBD.
  • Women’s Climbing Camp – Bugaboos Edition (TBD, 2017). A week-long summer climbing camp that moves each year between the Columbia Icefields and the Bugaboos. Details soon. 5 days, $1,295.

Marmot sponsors the ACC’s Women’s Program, providing funding to make these camps accessible to as many women as possible. Marmot’s values and those of the ACC coincide, particularly on the issue of developing the skills of female mountaineers. Marmot has supported our Women’s Program since its inception and we thank them for their assistance.

ACC Icefields Program

Vast glaciers of ice covered with metres of powder snow create an alpine environment that is the definition of solitude and silence. Crossing these enormous expanses, and summiting a few peaks along the way, is the ultimate winter backcountry experience.

Icefields Program Camps and Courses:

  • Wapta Traverse (March 10-17, 2017). A Fully-guided, hut-based trip of a lifetime across one of the great glacial expanses in the Rockies. For experienced skiers. 8 days, $1,695.
  • Bow-Yoho Traverse #1 (March 26-April 2, 2017). Experience the Wapta from a different angle and visit the new Louise and Richard Guy Hut. 8 days, $1,695.
  • Bow-Yoho Traverse #2 (April 7-14, 2017). The new Guy Hut opens this route to comfortable hut travel and we’re expecting this traverse to be popular this year. A second date for your convenience. 8 days, $1,695.
  • Crevasse Rescue Course (Feb 11-12, 2017) Hone your glacier travel and self-rescue skills before your big trip. 2 days, $400.

ACC Technical Climbing Program

Technical Climbing Program Camps and Courses:

  • Early Season Ice (Nov 28-Dec 2, 2016). Start your ice climbing season off on the right crampon with this Canmore-based tune up and training camp. Dry-tooling, mixed routes, leading practice and lots of coaching from ice-expert guides. 5 days, $1,150.
  • Best of the Bugaboos (TBD, 2017). The alpine rock climbing paradise of the Bugaboos is a must-visit destination for climbers from around the world. Join us for a hut-based camp with small groups on classic climbs. 5 days, $1,895.
  • Learn to Lead Sport (TBD, 2017). Fast track your lead climbing outdoors and get the skills and confidence to sport climb on your own. 2 days, $335.
  • Learn to Lead Trad (TBD 2017). Build on your climbing skills with gear placement and anchor building and open up the world of possibilities of traditional climbing. 2 days, $335.
  • Learn to Lead Ice (TBD, 2017). For the ice climber looking to take their skills to the sharp end. It can be intimidating – this will help. 3 days, $650.

ACC Leadership Program - Presented by The North Face

Building leadership skills is vital to the continued strength of the ACC at the section (local) level. We empower our volunteers by fine-tuning hard skills while paying particular attention to the softer leadership skills of group dynamics, hazard management and communication. Our leadership program is open to amateur leaders in the ACC’s 22 local sections.

Leadership Program Courses:

  • Leadership Program Summer (TBD, 2017). A comprehensive leadership course in mountain and glaciated terrain that focuses on leaders’ decision making skills along with hard skills. Based at the ACC’s annual General Mountaineering Camp. 8 days, $995
  • Leadership Program Winter (Feb 10-18, 2017). An intensive, thought-provoking course that will identify and exercise key leadership skills in a winter environment. Based out of the HI-Lake Louise Alpine Centre. 8 days, $995

The North Face supports the ACC’s Leadership Program and we thank them for their assistance.


For all ACC camps, you should know...

Who can attend?

  • Almost anyone who is fit and has a keen sense of adventure can attend an ACC trip. Some trips demand previous mountaineering or skiing experience. Others just require a great attitude. If you’re unsure if a trip is for you, contact the ACC’s Mountain Adventures Coordinator.
  • Participation requires membership in the ACC, which is open to everyone.
  • Minimum age is 16 years. Requests for exceptions can be made to Mountain Adventures Coordinator.



  • You are responsible for supplying all personal equipment for the camp. A gear list is supplied in the Information Package for each camp.
  • You will need to ensure that all your equipment is in good working order and fits properly prior to arriving at camp. Broken equipment or blisters can potentially ruin your trip of a lifetime! Bring a repair kit that is specific to your gear.
  • In addition to personal items, participants will be expected to carry a portion of the group gear including first aid kits, climbing equipment, group food, etc. Ensure your pack is of adequate size.
  • If you require rental equipment, Gear Up Sports in Canmore offers a 15% discount on rental gear and a 10% discount on retail climbing gear (excluding ropes) to ACC camp participants.


Pre- and Post-Trip Planning

  • Participants are responsible for arranging and paying for transportation to and from the camp as well as any accommodation before and after.
  • Prior to the camp, we will provide a participant list for making travel and car-pool arrangements.
  • For reasons beyond our control (weather, wildlife, Parks regulations, etc), the trip may not run exactly as we plan. Because of this, we recommend that you do not book any scheduled travel (such as airline flights) within a day or two of the final scheduled day of your camp.
  • Special note regarding weather and helicopter transport: Please note that helicopter travel can be delayed by bad weather, and this can sometimes include overnight delays. These sorts of delays are beyond the control of the ACC and we cannot provide for additional accommodation or meals should this occur. Although it does not happen often, you should be prepared for the possibility of this unforeseeable additional expense if your camp involves a helicopter flight.