The Club has been organizing Mountain Adventures since 1906.

We are very good at what we do. The expertise of your guide, manager and/or cook will ensure an exciting and memorable trip. Once the camp is underway, your meals, accommodation, group climbing gear, planning and preparation are all taken care of. All you have to do is arrive prepared to have a wonderful holiday, enjoy great climbing or skiing, scrumptious meals, and relaxing evenings with new and old friends. We have designed our schedule to offer a variety of opportunities, including camps for those still acquiring their mountain skills, and serious challenges for our more experienced members.

Who can attend?

Almost anyone who is fit and has a keen sense of adventure can come on an ACC trip. Some trips demand previous mountaineering or skiing experience. Others just require a great attitude, a sense of adventure and a good level of fitness. If you are unsure if a particular trip is for you, call the Camp Manager listed with the trip information. If you want a broader overview of the trip demands, contact the ACC’s Mountain Adventures Coordinator at

Please note that you must be a member of the Alpine Club of Canada to attend one of our Mountain Adventures and you must have the Huts Option with your membership to attend our hut-based camps. For more details on ACC membership, visit the Membership pages.

In order to attend the General Mountaineering Camp, participants must be aged 19 or older. On all other camps, participants must be aged 16 or over but we do make exceptions for younger children in some cases. Please consult with the Mountain Adventures Coordinator if you are thinking about having your child attend a camp with you.


You are responsible for supplying personal climbing equipment for the camp (eg. ice axe, crampons, helmet, harness, skis, etc.). A gear list is supplied in the Information Package for each camp.

You will need to ensure that all your equipment is in good working order and fits properly prior to arriving at camp. If you have borrowed or rented equipment, it is particularly important to invest some time checking that it is right for you. Make sure that you understand how your equipment works. Broken equipment or blisters can potentially ruin your trip of a lifetime! You will need to bring a repair kit that is specific to your gear.

Many camps are porter-assisted, however all participants will still have to carry a portion of the group gear; first aid kits, climbing equipment, food, etc. at all times. This is in addition to your food and other personal items. Therefore, you will need to ensure your pack is of adequate size.

If you require rental equipment, Gear Up. (on Highway 1A in Canmore) offers a 15% discount on rental gear and a 10% discount on retail climbing gear (excluding ropes) to Alpine Club of Canada Mountain Adventure participants. For further information and equipment reservations, visit or email or call (403) 678-1636 between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time.

Pre- and Post-Trip Planning:

You will be responsible for arranging and paying for your transportation to and from the camp. You are also responsible for arranging and paying for any accommodation needs prior to and after the camp.

We will provide you with a participant list for your camp ten weeks prior to the camp (or when the camp fills, if it has not filled by that time). You can use this list to make arrangements for car-pooling to the meeting location. If you cannot make satisfactory arrangements with another participant, and have no way of getting to the meeting place alone, please contact us and we will try to help you.

Trips may not always run exactly according to schedule for reasons beyond our control (weather, wildlife, Parks regulations, etc). Because of this, we recommend that you do not book any scheduled travel (such as airline flights) within a day or two of the final anticipated day of your camp.

Special note regarding weather and helicopter transport: Please note that helicopter travel can be delayed by bad weather, and this can sometimes include overnight delays. These sorts of delays are beyond the control of The Alpine Club of Canada, and we cannot provide for your accommodation and meals in the nearest town, should this occur. Although it does not happen often, you should be prepared for the possibility of this unforeseeable additional expense if your camp involves a helicopter flight.