The Alpine Club of Canada


The ACC’s Mountain Culture Committee aims to celebrate the Club’s relevance to Canadian culture through the presentation of literature, art, history and heritage, mountain related science, and exchanges of ideas with other Alpine organizations. A large portion of the Mountain Culture portfolio is the publication of original, high-quality mountain writing in books and periodicals.

Canadian Alpine Journal

The Canadian Alpine Journal, published annually since 1907, is Canada’s record of mountaineering accomplishments. The CAJ is noted world wide for its fine mountain literature and classic style.

See our CAJ page for a preview of the current issue and submission guidelines.


The Gazette

The ACC’s member magazine Gazette is published three times per year and covers current Club events, member-submitted stories of mountain adventure, safety tips, gear hints, history, scientific and environmental stories and more. It is published in March, July and November each year and is free to all ACC members in paper or electronic formats.

Back issues, submission guidelines, eGazette signup and advertising information are available on our Gazette page


The Dispatch eBulletin

The Dispatch is our bi-weekly email bulletin newsletter that keeps our members and subscribers up-to-date on the latest news and events of interest to the mountain community. It’s all about mountain-related news and events, ACC national and regional news and events, grants and discount offers. We cover, unusual climbing or ski conditions, announcements of new guidebooks, career and volunteer postings, mountain culture, access, environment and much more.

Our Dispatch page will tell you more, including how to sign up (ACC membership is not required).

The Summit Series


Biographies of people who have made a difference in Canadian mountaineering

Launched in 1999, the Summit Series was created with an aim to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of exceptional individuals who have, through their achievements as explorers, mountaineers, volunteers, outfitters and storytellers, helped define and shape Canada’s unique mountain community.With recognition paid also to the exceptionally unselfish actions of Canada’s elite public safety professionals and the members of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, Summit Series booklets capture the soul of Canada’s mountain community as they strengthen the understanding and appreciation of Canada’s unique mountain heritage. The history recorded and the stories shared in these pages help to establish a uniquely Canadian sense of place by shaping how we view our very special and precious mountain landscapes.

Digital copies of the collection are posted on the Summit Series page , and paper copies are available through our Online Store .