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Elizabeth Parker Summer Lottery

Summer Lottery – Elizabeth Parker Hut

(2024 lottery is now closed)

The Elizabeth Parker Hut in summertime is one of the most popular huts in the ACC network, and with good reason. The hut is beautiful and the Lake O’Hara area with its outstanding hiking and stunning scenery is famous around the world.  

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About Elizabeth Parker Summer Lottery

Because of the popularity of the hut, reservations are made via a lottery system, and here is how the lottery works. 
  • The lottery for summer 2024 overnights is now closed. Subscribe to our Hut Insider newsletter to get all hut-related details first.
  • The lottery is for reservation dates from June 21, 2024 to the end of Oct 6, 2024.
  • There is a $15.50 + GST fee for each lottery entry. People can purchase multiple lottery entries.
  • ACC Membership is not required to enter the lottery. However, as all lottery bookings are made at least three months in advance, an active membership is required at the time of booking for each space being booked. Please see our hut booking policies here.
  • Lottery winners will have their choice of booking any date that the hut is available for summer 2024.
  • Lottery winners may book any number of available beds in the hut, for up to maximum of 5 nights. 
  • Lottery winners are limited to one booking per summer.
  • Lottery winners will be notified after mid-January and will be able to book any summer dates that remain available.
  • As reservations are made, additional lottery winners will be drawn until all summer 2024 dates are filled.
  • Once all summer 2024 dates are reserved, any lottery entrant who did not receive a reservation will be placed on a waitlist. In the unlikely situation of a cancellation, individuals on the waitlist will receive 1st opportunity to make a reservation.
  • Once a reservation is confirmed, all standard cancellation and payment policies apply. See our hut booking policies here.
  • The maximum duration for any single reservation is 5 nights.
  • Each person can make only 1 reservation for the duration of the lottery season.
  • Nightly, per person fees at Elizabeth Parker Hut for Summer 2024 are: $60 for ACC members.
  • An additional $13.50 booking fee will be charged for each group of up to 8 guests. The booking fee will apply to each additional group of 8 guests. 
  • The bus fee is $24 tax incl. for guests 6+ years. If the guest is 5 or younger, the bus fee is waived. 

Lottery entries will be issued a ticket number once the purchase period has ended and all tickets will be drawn against one another. Winners will then be contacted and given the opportunity to chose their overnights (up to 5 nights maximum, 1 booking per person, for the duration of the lottery season) along with their intended capacity. There is no weight placed on when you enter the lottery, provided you enter within the lottery entry period.