The Alpine Club of Canada

Summit Series 10 : A Family for the Outfit (Harrisons and th


by Zac Robinson
Published by The Alpine Club of Canada
ISBN: 0-920330-62-2
Softcover, 8.5 x 11
24 pages, colour photos

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First held during the summer of 1906, the annual General Mountaineering Camp is a time-honoured tradition of the Alpine Club of Canada. While the number of participants, locations, and practices have all changed since the early days of the camp’s history, the mandate of the GMC—over one-hundred years later—remains nearly the same: it’s all about being in the mountains with new and old friends, and sharing in the exceptional experience mountaineering offers. A Family for the Outfit honours the lives and times of the Harrison family, outfitters from the Columbia River Valley, who have, for over half a century, carefully ensured the vitality and longevity of the ACC’s special summer camp.