The Alpine Club of Canada

Summit Series 23 : Peter Amann: A Remarkable Journey


by Bob Covey

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To Those who’ve looked up at Jasper National Park’s rock and ice culture in the past four decades, Pater Amann’s good natured promenade to the coronet of Canadian Rockies alpinism has not been a surprise.

For more than 35 years, Amann has been a stalwart guide, teacher and mentor to hundreds of aspiring climbers, avalanche professionals and Alpine Club of Canada members.

This soft-spoken mountain traveller is known for his acerbic wit and patient wisdom. His affinity is exploration, rather than peak-bagging. For all of the summits on which he’s stood, Amman’s legacy is in the realm of relationships, rather than records.

The 2017 Patron of the ACC / ACMG Mountain Guide’s Ball has made a noble living and with his family, has carved out an admired lifestyle in the small isolated town of Jasper.

For those who have climbed, camped, skied or studied alongside him, Amann’s advancement will not be a surprise. As the 23rd edition of the ACC’s Summit Series demonstrates, Amman’s subtle traverse of the Rocky Mountains is more than worthy of a special tribute.