The Alpine Club of Canada

Summit Series 8 : Among the Great Hills (Wheelers)


by R.W. Sandford
Published by The Alpine Club of Canada
ISBN 0-920330-54-1
Softcover, 8.5 x 11
32 pages, B&W photos

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For a hundred years the history of the Alpine Club of Canada has been dominated by the vision and forceful character of the Club’s co-founder, Arthur Oliver Wheeler. In his shadow, however, are two generations of Wheeler descendents who made equally important contributions to the history of mountaineering and the appreciation of mountain landscapes in Canada and abroad. Arthur Wheeler’s son, Oliver Wheeler, was a fine and accomplished climber before he was twenty. Oliver went on to become an Everest legend and the Surveyor General of India. Arthur Wheeler’s grandson, John, also became an accomplished climber at an early age. His interest in mountains, however, turned to geology. After pioneering exploration in the Yukon, John went on to become Chief Geologist of the Geological Survey of Canada and one of the most respected earth scientists of his time. This book is a tribute to “the amazing Wheelers” in gratitude for their contribution to mountain culture in Canada.