Peter and Catharine Whyte (Peyto) Hut

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The northern end of the Wapta Icefield, Banff National Park, Alberta

2,500 m (8,200 ft)


Open all year

$25 members, $36 others


From Bow Hut or from the highway at Peyto Lake. All access routes to the hut require glacier travel.

3-4 hours from Bow Hut. 5-8 hours via Peyto Lake.

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The Northern Extent of the Wapta

Being the most northerly of the huts on the Wapta Icefield, the Peyto Hut is where a full traverse of the Wapta starts (or finishes). It gives access to the excellent, moderate mountaineering challenges of Peyto and Trapper Peaks, and Mts. Baker, Thompson and Rhondda, all of which are popular ascents in both summer and winter.

The hut is cozy for groups up to 18 (16 in winter) and has amazing views across the icefields.

The hut has no source of heat but it is well insulated and warms up nicely from the propane stoves.

The hut is situated on a bit or a moraine at the base of Mt. Thompson, but all access routes to the hut involve glacier travel. The easiest access is the 3-4 hour trip from the Bow Hut. Access from the Highway is via Peyto Lake and takes 5-8 hours.

Other Huts in the Area

The Wapta Icefield is home to four ACC huts. See Bow, R.J. Ritchie (Balfour) and Scott Duncan huts.

Peyto Hut Fact: The first Peyto Hut was a fiberglass igloo built in the late 1960’s. It was wrecked by wolverines.


Per Night Adult Member $25
Per Night Adult Non-Member $36
Per Night Child Member $12.5
Per Night Child Non-Member $18
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18 (16 in winter)
Propane stove – propane is supplied
Propane lighting – propane is supplied

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